Feng Shui

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Loosely translated, Feng Shui means Wind-Water (Vitr-Voda).

Feng Shui is essentially based on long-term observations of old Chinese masters and on general laws of nature and the universe. The unique philosophy of Feng Shui can become part of our daily life once we understand all of its dimensions and patterns.

Our space reflects our whole personality and, conversely, everything around us influences us and determines the quality and level of energy around us. A change in our space reflects a change in our personality, and vice versa. The constant flow of change never stops, just like life itself.

Feng Shui is simply a game where everyone who perseveres wins. The goal of Feng Shui is to harness the energy of space and its users in order to create a harmonious and comfortable environment for its residents. The basic framework is created by the Qi energy – just as all human beings each have their own energy which determines their degree of sympathy and antipathy, each plant and inanimate object also has its own energy. This energy can be positive or negative, more vibrant or quieter, and also includes the energy of the five elements, as recognized by Eastern Civilization – the energy of water, wood fire, metal and earth. The type of energy that an object emits is determined by its size, regularity, shape, colour and material. Then one needs to know which compass direction is linked with which energy (according to Bagua), and align everything with the individual’s personal needs. The principles of Yin and Yang are also used in Feng Shui. To ensure that each proposed design is uniquely suited to each individual, we use the astrologies of Four Pillars and Min Kua for each individual who will occupy the space. The energy of the space is then assessed according to Bazhai and Flying Star. All proposals conform to the principles of the School of Form and the School of the Compass.

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