What We Offer

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Feng Shui plans and architectural design Implemented interiors and constructions
Feng Shui consultation and analysis Feng Shui training and seminars

Furniture Nature Design®

Each piece is unique, not found elsewhere. The uniqueness of Feng Shui interiors require unique designs of furniture and accessories.

Each piece is original and made for particular space. Forget about the limits and let your imagination loose with Nature Design®.

Original Decor

Enjoy perfect shapes and details. In designing your interior we collaborate with several artists and find the perfect placement for their unique creations.

Monika Sýkorová
La Lagartija
decartive interior wall paintings mexican hand-coloured ceramics
Veronika Hejhalová
Tomáš Jáně
ceramic sculptures
wooden relaxing cobbles, interior decor
Mirek Fišera Martin Patřičný
metal chimes tuned according to
Feng Shui
wooden artistic sculptures
Belle Candles
hand-decorated flat candles
cut crystals, decorative glass crystals
Zdenka Gelnarová Lucie Kletvíková
paintings on silk
decorative ceramic tiles

Looking for a consultant who will advise you on the layout and analyze your space according to the principles of Feng Shui?

Find a consultant in your region.

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